Implied Volatility Screener

VolQuant is an application and data service created to efficiently find trading opportunities in the options markets. The application provides an intuitive and user friendly interface to analyze quantitative data, based on the implied volatility of equity options. The development and administration to create and maintain an option analytics platform has been done for you.


View the VolQuant data in a customizable tabular display, filtered and sorted by user-defined criteria.

Data selection

Select fields from the VolQuant database per your trading strategy.

Data filtering and sorting

Filter the selected data to show only data which meets your criteria and sort by fields most significant to your strategy.


View the VolQuant series data in a customizable graphical display, including indicators and overlays.

other volchart graphic

Series Selection

Select series data from the VolQuant database per your trading strategy including Implied Volatility (Imp Vol), Historical Volatility (Hist Vol) and Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD).

chart option

Series Display

Configure the selected series, indicators and overlays per your preferences.

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Chart Layout and Format

Select the desired features to include and the format of your charts.

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Backtesting and Scops

Backtest gamma scalping/stopping for corresponding captured volatilities.

Scops Backtesting

Backtest Parameters

Customize backtest parameters to match a given scenario or strategy. Various parameters can be selected to simulate a position and backtested to determine the best scalp or stop width for the selected period.

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A trader's workstation desktop is premium real estate. Configure VolQuant’s workspace as separate windows, tabbed windows, or a combination of both to make efficient use of your desktop.

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Multiple workspaces

Save your different workspace configurations and load later to support your current workload.

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Application Look

Traders spend many hours in front of their workstation monitors.
Configure the VolQuant application’s theme to match your preferences and workstation environment.


app look 2

Configure “Look and Feel”

Configure settings to emulate the look and behavior of other widely used applications installed on your workstation.

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